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New dramas and varieties added. Am now open for orders! Additions made to Tokio, V6, Juniors and Arashi drama sections. Will update the variety section soon.

Mukodono site also updated. New wallpaper added.

09.09.01 Mukodono site updated. Episode synopsis for Episode One added, as well as Summaries for Episode 1-12. Wallpaper also added.
30.08.01 Drama sections for Arashi, SMAP and Kinki Kids updated and revamped. New dramas added for SMAP, Kinki kids and Arashi sites as well.
29.08.01 Kindaichi Movie (Matsujun), and varieties added to UPDATES list. Order form for Videos also added but please do not send any orders to me as yet. Still in a mess.^__^ GOMEN! Arashi drama section also updated.
28.08.01 Swap spot is finally up and running! Please visit it and leave some messages!
  MUKODONO page is up and running. Nothing much there except lyrics added, and a summary of Episode One. Synopsis is on the way!
  Videos added to the UPDATES section. In the process of revamping the list sites so please bear with me.
25.08.01 Finally got round to giving the site a total overhaul. I like the new look and hope you do too! ^_^
swap spot Check out this new section where you can trade with others, look for stuff you want or sell stuff. Strictly for Japanese-related stuff. And please keep it clean.
videos Lots of new videos . However, I am still not taking any orders until I have finished the revamp of the page. But check it out anyway!
cards 'n' such While it's not really up yet, eventually I hope to have a greeting card service, as well as wallpapers and screensavers, icons etc for download here. In the meantime...^_^
idol watch This is a section dedicated to my favourite actors, singers, actresses and anime (though not much). You will find stuff about my favourite groups like TOKIO, V6, Kinki Kids, Arashi, as well as my favourite actors at the mo, Oshio Manabu, Fujiki Naohito, Kuozuka Yusuke and Nagase Tomoya etc...
FAQ The FAQ section is mainly to answer commonly asked questions about video ordering as well as stuff about the site you might want to know about. If there is something you want answered but can't find it in the FAQ, drop me a line.
dorama corner Hope to beef this section up more! Mukodono page UP! Synopsis for Episode One, lyrics to Hitorobochi no Haburashi and some pics added. More to come soon.


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