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chip's rating: A MUST SEE!!!!!

Overtime was supposed to be a "sequel" to Long Vacation but other than the fact that it is a story about a younger man and an older woman, the concept of this drama takes a slightly different direction.

The theme song is "Sono Speed de" by The Brilliant Green.

Basically the story revolves around:

Kaede Soichiro (Sorimachi Takashi), a photographer who lets his compassion and kindness get in the way of his profession


Kasahara Natsuki (Esumi Makiko), a hairdresser who is about to hit the big 30 and is still unattached.

They meet by chance once on New Year's day in Hokkaido, and then keep bumping into each other in Tokyo. They discover that they have a sort of connection and become best of friends, telling each other about everything.

Natsuki lives with two friends who are also in the same race against time for a life partner; Tsurumachi Fuyumi (Ishida Yuriko) who is a receptionist in a business building and Kaede Haruko (Nishida Harumi), a freelance photographer and would-be writer. Haruko is also Soichiro's older sister, and all 4 of them end up living in the same house.

Other characters include Soichiro's love interest, Kurata Nazuna (Kimura Yoshino), a girl he helped in Hokkaido who came to Tokyo to find him, and Natsuki's love interest, Kuga Tatsuhiko (Shiina Kippei), a doctor and her former teacher in school. Soichiro's kohai (junior) at the newspaper where he works, Endo Kazuya (Kato Haruhiko) falls in love with Fuyumi, while another, Kobayashi, secretly loves Nazuna.

How does the story go? Do Natsuki and Soichiro fall in love? Does everyone find their happy ending? Watch the drama and see!

Chiptaku's views:

I was hooked on this series from day one, and not because of Sorimachi Takashi, whom I didn't quite care for (until after this show!).:) It was just so funny and heartwarming. True it was a little predictable, but that's the fun of watching dramas!:)

The similarities with Overtime and Long Vacation were definitely obvious, chief of which was the younger man/older woman scenario and the huge number of cast involved. If you wanna see more comparisons, check out my OT vs LV page!

But basically I really liked this drama, if not I wouldn't be making a page for it would I?:) I definitely recommend watching it, especially if you liked Long Vacation! And the theme song is really good too!

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