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chapter 5

Soichiro, Kobayashi and Endo are in the newsroom. Kobayashi comments that it must have been a blow for Natsuki to see Fuyumi kissing Kuga. HE then adds that Fuyumi's kisses are very skillful. Soichiro seems skeptical. Kobayashi is surprised that Soichiro didn't kiss Fuyumi. When Soichiro tells him he hasn't found someone he loves enough to kiss, Kobayashi tells him he is surprisingly innocent.

Endo, who is sitting off to one side, seems a bit distracted. He suddenly blurts out, "She must be lonely." No matter how old or what situation, Fuyumi must be lonely. Endo is totally smitten with Fuyumi, and continues to ramble on in that fashion for a while. Soichiro is called into his editor's office.

Back at the house:

Fuyumi is discussing with Haruko the best types of lips to kiss. Whether they are warm, cold, rough like a potato chip...(note: basically what sort of lips are the best for kissing..let's leave it at that!) Haruko is sorting through the mail as Fuyumi is talking and sees the reply letter from the Story writing competition. When Fuyumi asks her why she isn't writing down what Fuyumi is saying to use in her next novel, she tells Fuyumi she doesn't write "dirty" stories. Haruko asks Fuyumi "of all the kisses you gave and received yesterday, which was the best?" While Fuyumi is talking to herself and wondering who she kissed exactly, Haruko slips off to the kitchen to read her letter. Just as she takes it out of the envelope, Fuyumi asks her where Natsuki is. Haruko tells her that Natsuki called back to say she wouldn't be home till morning.

Natsuki and Kuga are walking hand in hand. Natsuki tells Kuga that it has always been her dream to hold hands with someone she likes and just stroll. Although she may be a bit nervous, she just wants to walk forever, holding the hand of the person she likes. Kuga tells her that it is very like her to say something like that. He tells her they will do that next time. They laugh and walk on, holding hands.

Back at the newspaper office:

Soichiro's supervisor tells him that every division has high standards and he won't die if he doesn't take pictures of hot news stories. When Soichiro asks him what he's getting at, his boss tells him that he has to leave at the end of the month. Soichiro is fired from his job.

Back at the house:

Fuyumi, Haruko and Natsuki are eating cake. Natsuki is smiling happily and raving about love and how wonderful it is that two people who like each other can get together. Fuyumi and Haruko however, don't really seem to want to share Natsuki's happiness. When Fuyumi finishes her cake, she tells Natsuki that she just listened to her because Natsuki bought cake then gets up and goes to her room. Natsuki looks at Haruko who tells her if she gives Haruko a massage, she would listen a while more. Natsuki continues to rave about how wonderful dates are, but realizes that Haruko is a bit cold. She asks Haruko what the matter is. Haruko tells Natsuki that she should consider Fuyumi's feelings because she had just broken up with Shiroyama. She then tells Natsuki that although love is a wonderful thing, she should spend more time thinking about her future. Haruko also gets up and leaves, leaving Natsuki sitting puzzled on the floor. Later, when Natsuki is clearing up the dishes, she sees Haruko's letter in the dustbin. Haruko was not selected for the competition.

Soichiro stops at OVERTIME on his way home. He meets Natsuki there and sits next to her. Suddenly he realizes that Natsuki might be waiting for Kuga and asks her if it is all right for him to sit with her. She assures him that she is alone. She takes one look at Soichiro and asks him what's wrong. He doesn't answer at first but later tells her he was fired from his company. Natsuki tries to say something comforting but he tells her not to. She asks him what he wants then. He tells her he wants love. She asks him if he has been drinking. Soichiro tells her he was joking, and he hadn't started drinking but he intended to do so now. He asks Natsuki to accompany him and she agrees.

Back at the house:

Fuyumi is looking for matches or a lighter. During her search, she finds Haruko's rejection letter. Just then the doorbell rings. It is Endo, looking for Soichiro. Fuyumi tells him that Soichiro is not back yet, then asks Endo if he has a lighter.

Later, after a nice fire has gotten going, Fuyumi tells Endo that she is burning the letters she wrote to Shiroyama. Endo thought that she was burning Shiroyama's letters to her. Fuyumi tells him that Shiroyama would have never written to her and that he had sent them all back to her after they broke up. She couldn't tear them up or throw them away, but she couldn't keep them either so the only thing left was to burn them. She tells Endo that Natsuki once said that when the person you like, likes you back, it is a miracle. And God called this miracle "Love". She wonders if she will ever be able to feel that sort of love again. She tells Endo that she re-read all her letters to Shiroyama and how much she really liked him then.

Fuyumi apologizes to Endo for talking such things with him. Endo tells her he is very willing to listen to Fuyumi when she needs an ear, and tells her to call him anytime if she needs to talk to someone. Fuyumi tells him she really will and Endo says no problem.

Soichiro and Natsuki are drinking wine at the bar. Natsuki is rather drunk and tells Soichiro she always dreamt of getting stone drunk just once in her life. Soichiro tells her she can't fulfill that dream and asks for a glass of water instead of more wine. He hasn't appeared to ahev drunk much.

Later they go to the playground and play the egg game again. Natsuki is a bit tipsy and when Soichiro throws a particularly high ball, Natsuki misses it and the egg lands on her face. Both of them have a good laugh.

Later when Natsuki gets cleaned up, they sit down and have a beer. Soichiro lights a cigarette. Natsuki asks him where he got the matches from. He got them from OVERTIME. Natsuki asks what that means, Time has run out? Soichiro tells her it means "extra time". Suddenly, Natsuki asks Soichiro if he intends to give up being a cameraman. Soichiro is a bit surprised that she would ask this question. He tells her that even though his mind is numb and a blank, he knows one thing for certain: He will not give up his camera.

Soichiro tells Natsuki that he is a bit embarrassed about being fired and going drinking. Natsuki tells him that she thinks it is ok. She says that she was thinking about Fuyumi and how she was lonely and depressed and tried to kill herself. Later she fooled around and went around kissing people, even Kuga. Nastuki asks Soichiro if he had kissed Natsuki too, but Soichiro shakes his head. Natsuki says it doesn't matter, and tells him that even though it is embarrassing, at least doing all those things with other people is better than being alone to handle everything. That's why God made more than one person, so that you would have friends and lovers and really close friends. Soichiro ponders that a person who is all alone will die of loneliness.

Soichiro tells Natsuki that last summer he watched a match between PLN and Yokohama (baseball I think?) which extended to 17 rounds. He wonders if he will be able to have "extra time" too and if he can go on fighting. Natsuki tells him he definitely can and that she will support him all the way. Soichiro thanks her. They start joking with each other again and Soichiro suggests that they go drink at another bar. They go off, arm in arm.

The next morning, Soichiro comes downstairs to breakfast with a massive hangover. He tells Haruko and Fuyumi that he has never been so embarrassed to be with Natsuki. He compared her to a dinosaur that should be back in Jurassic Park. When Fuyumi asks if Natsuki got very drunk, Soichiro tells her that not only was Natsuki drunk, she puked, shouted, laughed and generally made a lot of noise. Just then, Natsuki comes down the stairs, holding her head and complaining about the noise they were making. Natsuki takes a bottle of mayonnaise out of her bag and asks Soichiro why she had a bottle of mayonnaise in her bag. Soichiro tells her that they had gone to eat some Japanese omelette(?) and she had made a lot of noise and shouted at the vendor to bring her the bottle. Natsuki complains that she is feeling terrible and trundles out of the room to go take a hot shower. Haruko asks Soichiro why the two of them went drinking. Soichiro almost tells her about being fired but stops at the last minute and tells Haruko that once in a while he just feels like asking someone out to drink.

At the hospital:

Kuga is treating a young girl. He tells her that her operation was successful and she should be able to stand so why doesn't she want to even try? The girl tells Kuga that usually patients don't do something because something hurts. The nurse asks her what hurts and she says her heart (heartache, not heart attack....). The girl tells Kuga that if he gave her a kiss she would stand up. Kuga tells her he has no interest in kissing his patients. She retorts that since that is the case she also has no interest in listening to him lecture her.

Soichiro and Nazuna are eating in a restaurant.They are looking at the photos that Soichiro took of Nazuna. She tells him that they don't look like her but the way he took the pictures was very cute. He explains that that is usually the case. People look different in their photos.

Nazuna tells him that she picked up a hot springs brochure from the travel agency. She suggests that they go to the hot springs next month. She asks Soichiro whether it will be difficult for him tog et leave. Soichiro tells her that it shouldn't be a problem at all. Nazuna happily continues to decide where they will go.

Back at the house:

Natsuki tells Haruko and Fuyumi that Sochiro was fired from his job. Fuyumi asks why only Soichiro was fired and how come Endo and Kobayashi are all right. Natsuki explains that while Endo and Kobayashi are employees of the company, Soichiro is employed on a contractual basis, more of a freelance photographer. Haruko laments that Soichiro couldn't tell her he got fired. Fuyumi says at least with a roof over his head, Soichiro needn't worry about money. Natsuki feels a bit guilty about telling them about Soichiro being fired when he himself hadn't told them. Fuyumi asks how they should behave when Soichiro comes home. Do they pretend they don't know anything or behave as if they know? Natsuki suggests that they try to gradually imply that they know without saying so, but Fuyumi tells her it is too hard for her to do. Natsuki then tells them to pretend nothing happened.

Soichiro and Nazuna are on their way home. As they part ways Nazuna tells Soichiro that she had a good time and he tells her he did too. She asks him if he really means that. He tells her he does and they part. Usually Soichiro will watch Nazuna walk away before leaving but this time, when Nazuna turned around to wave at him, he was gone. She suspects something is wrong.

Soichiro returns home. Natsuki and Haruko remind Fuyumi to be discreet, but Fuyumi starts right away by saying to Soichiro that it's ok and he doesn't have to pretend that everything is all right in front of them. natsuki kicks Fuyumi and asks her what happened to pretending not to know? Soichiro finally admits that he was fired from the company. When Haruko tries to say something, he tells her it's all right and Natsuki already comforted him about it. Haruko tells him that isn't it. She tells them all that she was not selected for the competition, and apologizes to Soichiro and Natsuki because they went through so much trouble to submit her entry. she is surprised when none of them show any signs of shock. Haruko asks if they assumed that she wouldn't make it anyway. Natsuki tells her that wasn't it and that actually she already knew. Fuyumi also tells her that she knew because Haruko threw the letter into the kitchen dustbin. Soichiro tells her that he read the magazine.

At the hospital:

Kuga is wading in the fountain, looking for his phone. When he finally finds it, he turns around and asks the girl who wouldn't stand why she threw his phone into the fountain. She said that she wanted to make him angry. he told her she had succeeded but she clarified that she wanted him to cry and shout at her. He tells her that she should have her head checked, as well as her legs. She asks him if that is the way he talks to all handicapped patients. He tells her that it is only her that he talks to that way. Just then his phone rings, and the girl grabs it from him and flings it back into the fountain.

Natsuki was the one calling Kuga. When she got no reply she wondered what Kuga was doing. She wonders if Kuga would forget about her when he is doing surgery. Haruko tells her that if Kuga was thinking about her during surgery on someone it would be a bad thing. Natsuki wonders what "like" is, and that a person can't think about the person he/she likes every single hour of the day. There will be other people to think about and other things to do. Haruko tells her that as long as the person she likes thinks about her at least once, even 4 minutes before he goes to bed, she will be satisfied.

When Fuyumi reaches home that night and needs someone to talk to, she finds that everyone is out. While she was serving during a company function, she saw Shiroyama with his wife and child. She is still not quite over him yet. She calls Endo and tells him that Shiroyama brought his wife and child to their company party. She was shocked but it wasn't jealousy. She just felt that while she had lost weight over him, he appeared to be totally fine and he looked very much in love with his wife. Endo tells her that maybe Shiroyama has to be that way because of the situation. He assures her that Shiroyama hasn't totally forgotten her and that he must still think of her sometimes and you can't just erase past feelings so easily. Endo apologizes that he couldn't be of mroe help even though he told Fuyumi to call him. Fuyumi asks him where he is and he tells her he is on a street in Aoyama, in the middle of the night sky. He asks Fuyumi why she wasn't laughing and she tells him because she can't see him so now she knew where he was. He starts trying to cheer her up and they start talking.

Coming out of a convenience store, Haruko bumps into Nazuna. They go have a drink and Nazuna finds out from Haruko that Soichiro was fired from the newspaper office. Haruko tells her that even she, as Soichiro's sister, heard it from Natsuki. Nazuna is hurt and maybe jealous that Soichiro didn't tell her anything but told Natsuki.

Endo and Fuyumi are still talking. It's been three hours. She apologizes for keeping him, saying the same old things over and over. He tells her not to worry, he doesn't mind. She tells him that she keeps thinking of forgetting everything but she feels that her heart will die if it goes on. She asks Endo not to make such caring and warm noises of agreement because she might fall in love with him. Endo tells her it's ok, even if it turns into love he doesn't mind.

Soichiro is packing up his things at the newspaper office. He comes across a book by a well-known photographer (sorry...I couldn't catch the name). As he is flipping through it, Kobayashi comes up behind him and says that that photographer is fantastic and his book is like a photographer's bible. Soichiro gives Kobayashi the book and tells him that he won't use that photographer as his inspiration. When Kobayashi asks him what he means, he says that's a good question and he will start from there. After Kobayashi leaves, the phone rings.

It is Nazuna. She asks Soichiro if it is true that he is leaving the newspaper. He asks her who she heard it from. When he learns that it was Haruko who told her, he confirmed it. She tells him that she feels very lonely that he told Natsuki but he didn't say a word to her. He suggests that they meet to talk. He tells her that although he has to stay in the office that night, he would go to her place the next morning.

Early the next morning, Soichiro leaves for Nazuna's place. When he reaches the corner, he finds nazuna waiting for him with a warm breakfast. She forgot her gloves so her hands were really cold. Soichiro suddenly grabs her and hugs her. She asks him why he couldn't tell her. He says he didn't want her to worry. Then he says he was lying. He didn't want her to see his bad side, when he was down coz he was afraid she wouldn't like him anymore. She tells him that she will always love him no matter what, and such a thing like that wouldn't make her dislike him. He hugs her again. They hear something drop and Soichiro asks her what it is. It is the sound of the hamburger dropping. He asks if there's coffee, but Nazuna says she forgot it. They continue to embrace on the street corner in the early morning light.

End of Episode Five