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chapter 12

Soichiro and Natsuki are talking, facing the water and Tokyo tower. Natsuki asks Soichiro if he loves her and Soichiro asks her what she wants him to say. She tells him she just wants to know his true feelings and he tells her he loves her.(this bit was from the previous ep) Soichiro then asks her,"What about you? How do you feel?" Natsuki doesn't reply and Soichiro says to forget it and that he understands. He tells Natsuki that they should go back now. As he turns to go off, Natsuki tells him she feels like everything is happening all at once ( translation here isn't too accurate..).

Soichiro:You don't know your true feelings do you? If you were really in love with me, you wouldn't have said this when you got Kuga's phone call...when you received his letter of proposal...and calling me's just because you are feeling panicked..

Natsuki: You always make these senseless comments. I am calm...We should be talking this out calmly..

Soichiro: Really? So what is this? One last fling before you accept Kuga's proposal?

Natsuki gives him a big slap.

Soichiro: So what do you expect me to do?

Natsuki: I don't know...I don't know, but I don't want you to make a big joke out of this.

Soichiro: And I don't want you to toy with my feelings.

He leaves Natsuki standing there and rides off on his bike.

Back at the house (the next day):

Fuyumi is moving out. Endo is helping the movers to shift the boxes. When everything has been shifted out, Fuyumi thanks Haruko for her hospitality. Haruko laments that it seems a bit lonely now that everyone has gone. She turns to Soichiro, seeking his agreement, but he says," will be quieter though...", earning himself an admonishment from Haruko. Endo assures them that he and Fuyumi will still come by for visits often, because Soichiro looks like the one most afraid of being alone. As Fuyumi is about to leave, Soichiro gets up and asks her to wait a moment. He tells her that he has to talk to her about something and that he will give her a call when she has settled into her new place.

Natsuki is waiting in the cafe for Kuga. When he sees her, his whole face lights up and he waves. Natsuki smiles back but it isn't one of her usual smiles.

Kuga: Long time no see.

Natsuki: Welcome back.

Kuga:'s great and very nice to hear you say that to though coming back has meaning. So, have you been well? (at Natsuki's nod) That's good.

Natsuki: You haven't changed a bit.

Kuga: What? Don't you think I have some American-ness about me? (at Natsuki's laugh) rude!

Later, they are walking along, talking.'ll always be in that place won't you?

Kuga: what do you mean? watching me from the same's not sympathy....

Kuga:That's not anything great.

Natsuki: And here I am, going here and there.....

Kuga: No, it's my fault for not being able to say the words. You've read the letter right? The situation was such that I didn't really think we should be together.....going overseas....all those problems with my ex-wife....getting back together for my daughter's sake....

Natsuki: It didn't work out in the end?

Kuga: What are you saying? You don't have to worry about that.

Natsuki: Why? Why didn't you tell me all this earlier?

Kuga: I'm sorry. But those things had nothing to do with you..I didn't want you to get involved...guess I was trying to be cool.

A soccer ball comes rolling towards them and Kuga stops it with his foot. A boy shouts for him to please kick the ball back, uncle. Kuga kicks the ball back, and then asks Natsuki,"Have your feelings changed? Do you not want to be with me anymore? It's ok, say anything you want."

Natsuki: Why? Why do you know what's in my heart?

Kuga: It's obvious. Your voice on the phone sounded strange, and you never replied my letter...but meeting you today was a relief because you were the same, frank Natsuki.


Kuga: It's ok, just say what you want.

Natsuki: I'm sorry, my mind is in a whirl. I can't think straight.

Kuga: Oh I see. OK, I understand. Let's leave it for today. We can talk about this the next time we meet.

Later, Kuga is about to drive off. He tells Natsuki to give him a call when she has got her mind straightened out. And even if she hasn't, but just feels like seeing him, to give him a call. Natsuki just looked down and Kuga says,"Oh...but that probably won't happen anymore..." He drives off. Stopping at a traffic light, he opens his glovebox and reveals the ring, all wrapped up in a nice box. He lets his true feelings show then, and has a very frustrated look, as though he knows he's lost something....

In a cafe:

Fuyumi and Soichiro are talking.

Fuyumi: Natsuki's feelings?

Soichiro:that girl.....about that, logically speaking....the night we.....

Fuyumi: Oh, you mean she is still guilty over having sex with you that night?

Soichiro: Stupid! Not so loud....(he looks around) yes, that's it.

Fuyumi: Well, if that's the case, you are feeling the same too aren't you? You're the type that would take responsibility and get married. (at Soichiro's reluctant nod) So, if you do that...just get married because you shared a night of passion, it's a bit frivolous. Dating, sex and marriage are all separate entities you know.

Soichiro: Really?

Fuyumi: Well...even though I am not too clear either, but a female magazine wrote about it.

Soichiro:There's no basis of truth then is there? I....I'd like to hear your opinion.

Fuyumi: Wah, you are finally a man! You finally understand my capabilities eh? Call me the Goddess of Love.

Soichiro: No, no..that's not it..

Fuyumi: Then what is it?

Soichiro: Natsuki's feelings.

Fuyumi: Why don't you ask her yourself?

Soichiro: Because I will always think about other's feelings before my own, so I don't have the courage to ask her.

Fuyumi: She's the same as you. Thinking about other's feelings before her own. I understand...I will ask her and see.

At Natsuki's apartment:

Haruko, Fuyumi and Natsuki are having hotpot. Haruko comments that the apartment is really nice and she asks if 63,000 yen includes maintenance fees. Fuyumi jokes that it was because someone had died there previously. Natsuki adds that it is haunted. Haruko asks if they are kidding and Natsuki replies that they are. Fuyumi suddenly changes the subject, saying, "But being popular and concentrating on being popular...and if being popular was a separate thing, people would be happy all the being popular a lack of concentration?" (note: I'm sorry...I just don't understand this part so I am doing a really literal translation). Haruko says that during Soichiro's primary 3 to 5 years, she was very popular with the guys. Natsuki says she too, when in primary 5 got lots of chocolates on Valentines' day. Fuyumi says her boss once told her that his box for the shoes at school was so full the shoes couldn't fit inside. Now, only old aunties give him chocolates. Haruko tells them that they shouldn't believe in the "giri-chocolates" because they are food and who puts food into a shoe cubby hole? Fuyumi starts to agree, and then says, "No, we are supposed to talk about serious stuff." She sits up properly, prompting Haruko to ask what she's up to. Fuyumi turns to Natsuki.

Fuyumi: Natsuki, between Kuga and Soichiro, who do you love?

Haruko:You really suddenly threw the punch at her...

Fuyumi: Natsuki? Well?

Natsuki: I don't know.

Haruko: I know. Natsuki loves them both. Both Kuga and Soichiro, because they are both good people.

Natsuki: Really? This has never happened to me before.

Fuyumi: I think the same way as Haruko. You probably love both of them. As a woman, I would fall in love with both of them too.

Natsuki: That doesn't sound too good, sounds more like a loose, frivolous kind of woman.

Fuyumi: That's not true. If you were to two-time someone and tell lies without caring at all, and hurt someone without remorse, yes. But if you just love two people at the same time, that isn't wrong.

Haruko: I agree.

Fuyumi: Let's rephrase the question then. Who do you want to spend your life with? There's more to it than just love. Love isn't enough in life.

Natsuki:Well.....Kuga......(a small pause)the last time we were walking, the person to turn back and hold my hand was Kuga. The one always behind me and beside me is Soichiro....I'd like to step forward and hold hands too.

Fuyumi: So can you live the rest of your life holding Kuga's hand and walking?

Natsuki: I do think least I did before that thing happened with Soichiro....

Fuyumi: And what about now?

Natsuki: will hurt both of them, but I don't want to hurt both of them...that's what I'm thinking.

Fuyumi: Natsuki, You can't go through life not hurting anyone you know.

Later, Fuyumi gives Soichiro a call from a public phone. He asks what Natsuki said, and Fuyumi tells him.

The next day, Soichiro asks Natsuki out. They meet at the train station. Soichiro apologizes for calling her out. When Natsuki asks what they are going to do about everything, Soichiro suggests that they go to Natsuki's apartment to talk.

In Natsuki's apartment:

Soichiro comments that it's a nice apartment. Natsuki shows him where she can see Tokyo Tower, but tells Soichiro hat the lights haven't come on yet. Soichiro pushes aside the curtain and looks out the window. He seems troubled, as though about to make a big decision. He turns around and sees the miniature Tokyo Tower on the table. Natsuki sees what he's looking at and smiles and picks it up.

Soichiro just stares at her a long time and then suddenly, he lunges and grabs her. The miniature Tokyo Tower drops to the floor and breaks. Soichiro forces Natsuki onto the bed and starts to kiss her. Natsuki yells for him to stop it. Soichiro asks her,"Why? Since we're already here. Isn't this what you brought me to your apartment for? This is the last time before you go back to Kuga, right?" Natsuki is stunned and shocked and asks him what he is saying. Soichiro continues,"I too will get back together with Nazuna, and we will be bygones." He gives a sigh, and then starts to kiss her again. She manages to push him off her and he gets off the bed. She sits up and says,"I'm so disappointed. What was that? What were you trying to do, up till now?" Soichiro tells her,"I felt sorry for I treated you nice." Natsuki is hurt and shocked. She asks,"Sympathy?" to which Soichiro replies, "What else is there? I told you before didn't I? I never thought of you as a woman." Natsuki still can't believe what he's saying,"You mean you pitied me and that's why you slept with me?" She throws a soft toy at him and orders him to leave. He goes off.

Soichiro slams the door and leans against it. It was really hard for him to do that to Natsuki. Natsuki sits on her bed and sobs. She sees the broken gift from Soichiro and it just makes her cry even harder.

Soichiro goes to look for Nazuna at the fast-food joint. But she isn't there. Soichiro nevertheless buys a cup of coffee and sits down, maybe hoping that Nazuna will show up. As he sits there, he just looks so troubled and tortured..he finally gets up and leaves. As he puts his tray back and looks out the door, he sees Nazuna standing outside, smiling at him. They walk off together.

Soichiro: So you quit your job?

Nazuna: Mm. I have found a job already. In a hospital cafeteria, cooking for the patients....I'll be starting work soon.

Soichiro: That's great.

Nazuna notices that Soichiro isn't his usual self and asks him what's wrong. He tells her that he seems to have become unclear about many things. When Kobayashi told him about Nazuna working in the fast-food joint, he thought he'd go and see how she was doing because he was worried about her. But now he wonders if that was really the reason. Maybe the real reason was that he just wanted to see her. He realizes what he is mumbling about and apologizes to Nazuna, saying he knows it is too late to say something like that. Nazuna tells him it's ok, and that nothing goes smoothly in life. Soichiro smiles a little and says, "Our positions seemed to have changed." Nazuna tells him that she will send him to the train station today. She felt that once in a while she would like to see him off instead. She tells him that when they were dating, he always saw her off, and she wanted to do the same for him, and that she wanted to watch his retreating form from afar for as long as she could. She apologizes for making Soichiro worry so much about her, and that that must be why he would dislike her. He tells her he never once stopped liking her. Even though he felt frustrated or troubled, he never once disliked her. Nazuna says,"If only I had known that then. Now that time has past and I can look back on the past in a more detached way, and think to myself, Kaede-kun really loved me, and it was a perfect relationship then. Am I right?" Soichiro laughs and says that she is.

Later Nazuna walks Soichiro to the station. She tells him that she was happy that he came to look for her, and not just because he was worried about her. HE tells her that he was really happy that they got a chance to meet. Nazuna agrees. She then tells Soichiro goodbye, and he looks around and says,"Oh..right." It's a poignant moment, and Nazuna asks Soichiro to go on. He says bye and walks off. He turns around and waves. Nazuna waves back. She watches as Soichiro walks off.

The next day:

Haruko is in the kitchen. Fuyumi and Endo have come over and they are having dinner.Fuyumi tells him that Natsuki told her that she couldn't understand him. Soichiro tells her that it doesn't matter and that she will marry Kuga. Endo asks why Soichiro would do something like that purposely to get Natsuki to hate him and that Soichiro actually really loves Natsuki. Soichiro just looks down and says that natsuki would be happier with Kuga than with him. Endo asks him why he doesn't just tell her the truth. He feels disgusted at Soichiro's actions. Soichiro tells him that he is disgusted with himself, but that even though he didn't like to do what he did, he had to because Natsuki isn't able to make her own happiness. Endo tells him that's just an excuse and that Soichiro is just afraid that Natsuki's answer would be that she loves Kuga more. Soichiro suddenly puts down his chopsticks with a bang. Fuyumi admonishes Endo for going too far. Soichiro holds his head in his hands and tells them that he wished Natsuki would tell him that clearly. He looks up at them and then leaves the table.

Natsuki goes to the hospital to look for Kuga. The nurse sees her and tells her that Kuga is outside at the moment, playing soccer with some neighborhood kids. Natsuki goes to see him, and watches as he plays soccer with the kids. Two of the kids complain they are tired but Kuga asks them to continue of a while more. He spots Natsuki and waves to her and calls her to join in the game.

Later after the game, Kuga and natsuki sit down and talk. Kuga apologizes for forcing her to play with them, but she tells him that it's been a long time since she exerted herself like that. He asks her if she came to give him an answer to his question the last time. She tells him, "I still didn't really know so I thought I would look at your face and decide.Go with my instinct."Kuga laughs and jokes that he should have gotten dressed up better and asks if he has stubble on his chin. She tells him, "I would like very much to get married. I would love to marry you..but I can't. I can't.."(at this point, the scene cuts to Soichiro before coming back). When Kuga asks why, Natsuki says,"Because..I've betrayed you. When you were away, I was so lonely and tortured...I just couldn't bear to live all alone...." (the scene cuts to Soichiro again) Kuga: You mean...Kaede-kun? Lonely, tortured, couldn't bear to be alone.....(the scene shifts back to Natsuki and Kuga)That's not all there is to it is it? You love him.

Natsuki: I loved him. Not anymore.

Kuga: Are you two dating?

Natsuki: what? How can that be? It was only that one time. I'm sorry.

Kuga: You are really honest, Nat-chan....

Natsuki: I'm sorry.

Kuga: Could you tell me what you are feeling right now? Tell me the truth, not a lie...

Natsuki: I love you. (the scene shifts to Soichiro again) Just like before, maybe even more than's....

Kuga; Are you trying to say you don't want to go out with me anymore?

natsuki: I'm sorry.

Kuga: well, although it's a little unclear, I guess there's no help for it, and I have failed once before...

Kuga sends Natsuki home. She apologizes that he has to send her back but he tells her it's ok. Natsuki tells him goodnight and gets out of the car. Kuga suddenly gets out too and calls her. He asks her,"Can we get past it? Can we get over this thing together? Remember, you said that you want to cherish the feelings and memories you have when you look at me...I want to marry you. I don't want to be apart from you again. I want to be with you...always."

Later, Natsuki goes back to her apartment. She sees the little Tokyo Tower still lying broken on the floor. She picks it up and then dumps it aside.

Fuyumi and Endo come to visit Natsuki. They are looking at some bridal magazines. Natsuki is trying to find a hairstyle for Fuyumi but Fuyumi takes the magazine out of Natsuki's hands and tells her, "Nevermind my hair. what did Kuga say?" Natsuki tells her that Kuga told her he would be going back to New York on the 25th of March and if she was willing, to go back with him.

Endo asks if she really believes Soichiro meant what he did. Fuyumi tries to shut him up but he asks, "Just how do you see Soichiro? Do you really think that his coming here and forcing himself on you to make you forget about him entirely is really Soichiro's true feelings?" Natsuki asks him what he means by that. Endo says,"It was on purpose. To make you go to Kuga." Natsuki asks him," Why? Why would Soichiro do that? Why would he want me to go to Kuga?" Endo tells her it was because she said so, that the person she wanted to spend her life with was Kuga and not Soichiro. Natsuki looks at Fuyumi accusingly and asks,"What's going on?" Fuyumi doesn't know how to explain. Natsuki grabs her and demands to know what she said, what she told Soichiro. Endo tells her, "Soichiro too, after that night with you...he loves you, I really think he loves you, but he's also a man, with his pride and he gave in and backed out. Natsuki remembers what Soichiro once said: "If I can't make the person I'm with happy, then we shouldn't be dating. I don't think I should make someone feel tortured and troubled by my actions." When Natsuki asked about his own feelings, Soichiro replied," I will bury it. Or rather, I will make that person forget me totally from deep inside her heart." Natsuki remembers all this that Soichiro has said and she realizes how much it cost for him to do what he did.

Soichiro is alone at home looking at his photos for his feature. The doorbell rings. When Soichiro opens the door he is surprised to find Kuga standing there. Kuga tells Soichiro that he heard about what happened between Soichiro and Natsuki. Soichiro asks Why Natsuki would tell Kuga about that. Kuga assures Soichiro that it's ok," We did separate for a time and I left Nat-chan here and went to new York..but never mind about that. Natsuki seems to be feeling guilty about what happened and she can't get past it.She also said she loved you..I think she still does." Soichiro tells Kuga that Natsuki's real feelings are that she wants to spend her life with Kuga. Kuga asks if Soichiro is telling the truth. When Soichiro nods, Kuga tells him that he feels like a great load was lifted from his mind and he is relieved that Natsuki feels that way. Soichiro says, "About what happened with natsuki, please forgive me." Kuga tells him there is nothing to forgive and that the fault was Kuga's.

As Kuga is about to drive off, he asks Soichiro." But what about you? Will you be all right if I take Natsuki to New York with me?" Soichiro tells him, "As long as Natsuki is happy...that's enough for me." Kuga looks at him a moment and tells Soichiro he understands. He drives off leaving Soichiro staring after him.

Natsuki is trying to repair the little Tokyo Tower. She looks at it, deep in thought.

The day of Endo and Fuyumi's wedding arrives. Kobayashi is the one making the announcement that the bride and groom are here and to welcome them with a round of applause. Amidst the congratulations being shouted out, Haruko tells Endo to relax.Haruko wonders how come 'he's' not here yet. Natsuki wonders who she's talking about, when Haruko suddenly says, "Oh, here he is." She waves to Soichiro who has just arrived. He sees Natsuki. Meanwhile, Kobayashi is talking," our friends Kazuya and Fuyumi. They have completed the ceremony at the church and have arrived....(something like that anyway....not too sure)"

Soichiro is the official photographer. He notices Natsuki standing alone by the bar counter. He goes to her and says hi. He tells her that if she has a wedding ceremony he would take her photos too. Natsuki pretends to not know what he's talking about and asks," A cutting hair ceremony? I might end up looking like a sumo..." Soichiro asks her when she's leaving for New York. She asks him why she has to leave for New York. He tells her because she's following Kuga, but she tells him that she isn't. When he asks why not, she says there is no reason. He asks her, "Have you thought about your age? If you let this chance slip away, there won't be any more chances." Natsuki replies, "It's ok, you will still want me." But Soichiro tells her,"No, I won't. Not in this lifetime." Natsuki asks if he doesn't want a wife and if he wants to remain single always but he tells her she has misunderstood. He just doesn't want natsuki for a wife. He asks Natsuki when Kuga is leaving and she retorts, "Who knows when? He might have already left." Soichiro is about to scold her when the announcement comes that the bouquet is about to be thrown. Natsuki tells Soichiro that Fuyumi promised to throw it to her. She starts to go over but Soichiro grabs her arm and tells her to come with him and he drags her by the hand out of the room. Fuyumi, who is about to throw the bouquet sees Natsuki go and is a little puzzled.

Soichiro takes Natsuki to the roof top. He tells her to listen to him.

"I love you, but not only as a woman. The heart is important too. You yourself said it before,' Soichiro is like a part of me'. I feel the same way, so I want you to be happy. So....Kuga's a good man, very caring..."

Natsuki: But.....

They hug and Soichiro says, " Natsuki, will you listen to this last thing I have to say? Go back to Kuga.Do you understand?"

They step back and Soichiro asks if natsuki really will go back to Kuga. She nods again and they laugh. He teases her that her nose is dripping. He hugs her again as she cries, asking her why she's crying. She tells him," I'm thanking God that I met a person like you." Soichiro teases her, "Don't thank God, thank me!"

They stay that way, as the camera pans to show Tokyo Tower in the background.

Later, Soichiro returns to the party to find that everyone else has left. Nazuna suddenly appears and tells him that everyone has gone to another place to celebrate and that they should go too. He asks if she was waiting for him. Kobayashi appears behind and stays out of sight, watching the two of them as Nazuna tells Soichiro that she had a feeling he would be back. Kobayashi gives a smile and leaves. Nazuna asks where Natsuki was. Soichiro tells her Natsuki had something to do and had left. They walk off together.

Natsuki goes to the hospital to look for Kuga. She steels herself and walks in. Kuga comes running. He sees Natsuki sitting in the waiting area and says, "Oh it's you. I was wondering who wanted to see me." Natsuki tells him," I thought I should let you know right away what I'm thinking...Kuga-san, please marry me. Please marry me. If you will have me at this age..." Kuga is really happy and says, "Of course I will." He grabs her, repeating "Let's get married...let's get married..." Natsuki asks if he has really forgiven her. He tells her there wasn't anything to forgive and the decision lay with Natsuki and he hopes that she will have no regrets. He takes her hand and runs out to his car. He opens the glovebox and takes out the ring. He gives it to Natsuki,saying,"Open it and see."

Natsuki opens it and takes out the ring. She looks at Kuga, who sheepishly says,"When I first thought of proposing to you, I wanted to open the box and give it to you like that...trying to be cool...but the atmosphere was not too good halfway so I put it in the car..but it's really good to see you." Natsuki thanks him and holds out her hand. Kuga looks at it and then realizes that Natsuki is waiting for him to put the ring on her finger. He is so excited and nervous that it takes him a couple of tries before he gets the ring on her finger. She holds it up for him to see, and they smile at each other.

Natsuki moves out of her apartment. The movers come and take all her boxes away. She is left in an empty apartment. She walks to the window and sees the little Tokyo Tower she had left on the window sill. She leaves it there and turns to go. The door slams, and then she comes back to take it with her.

The day she leaves for New York arrives. Fuyumi, Haruko and Endo are there to see her off. Fuyumi apologizes that she can't send her to Narita, but Natsuki ells her it's ok and that she's about to have a baby. She tells Fuyumi to inform her when the baby is born. Haruko tells her that it's late and she should get going. Fuyumi suddenly says, "Endo...Endo..." Endo says, "Oh yeah..right.." and takes a tiara and a wedding bouquet out of the paper bag he's carrying and passes it to Fuyumi who gives it to Natsuki. Haruko tells Natsuki that she and Fuyumi made it for Natsuki to wear with her wedding gown in New York. Fuyumi tells Natsuki that the color they picked suited Natsuki well, and to send pictures of her wedding. They wish Natsuki and Kuga happiness. Natsuki and Kuga turn to go off towards the airport shuttle. Just then, a voice shouts,"Natsuki!" It's Soichiro. natsuki is surprised to see him and look at Kuga, who says, "I was the one who asked him to come because Soichiro is important to you." Soichiro is standing there waiting. Natsuki looks at Kuga who nods his head and tells her to go. natsuki slowly walks back towards Soichiro.

Soichiro: You didn't have to specially come all this way...

Natsuki gives a laugh: Up to the end, you are still saying such silly things.

Soichiro: Who?

Natsuki: Soichiro...

They hug and Soichiro tells Natsuki to take care and be happy. A tear drops from his eye. Natsuki asks if that is all he wanted to say and he says it is. He asks if Natsuki has anything she wants to say. She tells him she can't get the words out. She tells him she has to go. They step back and say goodbye.

As Natsuki walks away, Soichiro calls her again. When she turns around, he holds up his camera and smiles. Natsuki gives him a big smile and he takes her picture. She takes out the tiara and puts it on. Soichiro takes her picture and they laugh. She waves to him with the tiara and walks off. Soichiro takes a picture of her from behind. Natsuki voice is heard :"Taking pictures from behind feels sort of like saying goodbye, and sending someone off. With a warm look in your eye, sending someone off..."

Soichiro watches as Natsuki gets on the bus and goes off. He walks off after that, remembering....

In Hokkaido when he first met Natsuki, who was locked out of her room. HE asks what she's doing and she says, "happy New Year."....

The time he took her flying and she was so excited she kept saying,"we're really flying...we're really flying..." and Soichiro asks if it is her first time....

When Natsuki and Fuyumi were fighting and Soichiro tried to stop them....

When Soichiro and Natsuki went to hand in Haruko's novel and it was dark and he frightened her with the torch....

At the park, playing the egg game. Natsuki tells Soichiro to catch her curve ball.......

The time Natsuki and Soichiro went for a drink and Natsuki got drunk in Overtime.....

The time Soichiro was feeling down and he asks natsuki if he can go on fighting, and she tells him that she's behind him all the way....

The time they discovered they both liked to watch vampire movies....

On the overhead bridge when Natsuki shouted out,"Ganbare! Soichiro!!!"..

Right after his break up with Nazuna when Natsuki was in his room waiting for him and he shouted at her, "Don't just come into other people's room without permission!".....

The time Natsuki was feeling down and was shaking the stone idol near the park....

Natsuki crying and Soichiro comforting her, telling her that if there;s no more tissue he will buy her some more tissue as well as beer...

Natsuki waiting for Soichiro at the bottom of the stairs to the train station after his breakup with Nazuna......

Soichiro going to look for Natsuki after her breakup with Kuga...

Their kiss......

The time Soichiro made Tokyo Tower disappear....

When natsuki tells Soichiro that he is important to her and they shake hands...laughing over how embarrassing it was.....

The image of Natsuki waving goodbye with her tiara.

It becomes the last page in his photobook, "De Derriere". The inscription on the last page reads: "For life's most treasured friends. For Natsuki."