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01.12.01 Yuichiro's profile is finally now online. You can find discography and his profile information. Also 7 truths 7 lies, the other song in Mukodono has been added to the site.
29.11.01 Sorry for the long delay in updates. New wallpaper added. Link to song file fixed.
09.09.01 Episode One synopsis and Summaries for Episode 8-12 added to Episode Guide Section.
  Wallpapers added to Wallpaper section.
  Sections revamped.
01.09.01 Cast section for Mukodono updated. Character map added.
  Hitoribochi no Haburashi MP3 added to Theme song section.
30.08.01 Summaries for Episodes 2-7 added to the Episode Summary section.
A message board added for you to share your thoughts about Mukodono.
25.08.01 Right now nothing much is up on this page. The theme song section has the Japanese, as well as Romanji, lyrics. Will get around to doing an English translation soon.
Summary Summary for episode one is up. More to come soon!
















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