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First Try :First Meetings

Sakuraba Yuichiro is a mega-cool popstar by day, and a regular guy when he's out of the limelight. His serious romance with Sakura, a girl he meets while in hospital for a minor operation, has to be kept under wraps for fear of angering his legions of fans.

When Yuichiro decides to marry Sakura, the trouble begins. He goes to visit her family to ask for her hand in marriage and faces stiff opposition from Sakura's three older sisters, two nephews and traditional father.

When the family relents and invites Yuichiro to dinner, he ends up being hours late...


Second Try :Hawaii

Yuichiro finally gets permission to marry Sakura on the condition that everything remain a secret and that he marry into the family and take the Arai name. Yuichiro moves into the Arai home and finds that there are a lot of rules that he has to follow. While there is rarely any provate time between him and Sakura, Yuichiro has great fun being a normal person, taking out the trash and scrubbing the bathtub every night.

However, in his efforts to integrate himself into the family, Yuichiro ends up angering everyone when he makes various mistakes that inconvenience them. He throws away Kaede's lucky draw coupons and she accuses him of spoiling her chances of going to Hawaii.

Yuichiro and Sakura realise they have not registered their marriage or had a ceremony. As they can't celebrate in Japan, Yuichiro decides to bring the whole family to Hawaii for the wedding. To squeeze out four days break, Yuichiro crams his schedule as tight as possible but ends up falling ill.....

Third Try :Tsutomu

Yuichiro and Sakura are finally married, and Yuichiro has settled into some form of domestic life. He decides to get to know his new family. He chances upon Tsutomu, who is being bullied by the other kids because he can't ride a bike. Yuichiro buys Tsutomu a bike and sets a time to teach Tsutomu how to ride it.

Unfortunately, one day while Yuichiro is out shopping with Sakura, a paparazzi sneaks shots of them, and sells it to a magazine. As a result, Yuichiro's manager has to call a press conference to deny the allegations that Yuichiro has a girlfriend. In the ensuing chaos, Yuichiro's promise to Tsutomu is forgotten and the poor boy waits in vain all day.

Azusa is furious with Yuichiro for playing with Tsutomu's feelings and forbids him to interfere in their lives anymore. Yuichiro tells Tsutomu that he will wait everyday for Tsutomu until Tsutomu forgives him and comes to learn to ride the bike.

After days of waiting, Tsutomu finally shows up...



























Fourth Try :Satsuki

Satsuki secretly buys an apartment and intends to move out. Kaede finds out and breaks the news to the whole family. Mr Arai is furious and tells Satsuki to get out of the house sicne she didn't want to live there anymore.

Satsuki's new radio program has also begun. In accordance to the sponsor's wishes, she has to handle a petulant, 18-year-old star who gives her no end of attitude. When Satsuki accidentally angers the girl, she refuses to do the live broadcast and leaves the station. Faced with the prospect of losing her job, Satsuki puts aside her pride and begs the girl to do the show but to no avail. Yuichiro happens to be at the same station and sees Satsuki losing face.

Desperate, Satsuki goes to Tak-chan and asks if Yuichiro would come and do her program but it turns out that Yuichiro would be in Fukuoka filming his PV. Tak-chan tells her she is too naive to mix personal and business together.

The day of her radio show, Satsuki is at her wit's end. As the show starts however, the door to the studio opens and Satsuki is given a pleasant surprise...

Fifth Try :Ryo

Ryo has a crush on his form teacher. One day, he sees her by chance and follows her to a nightclub. He is dismayed to learn that she is moonlighting as a hostess. Yuichiro happens to pass by the same nightclub and sees Ryo standing outside. When he confronts him, Ryo just brushes him off.

Unwilling to let things do, Yuichiro finally gets Ryo to tell him his problem. Yuichiro advises Ryo to ask his teacher is she has any problems as there must be a reason why she is working as a hostess. He even sneaks into the club with Ryo to try and meet Ryo's teacher.

When Sakura finds the calling card of the nightclub in Yuichiro's possession, she hits the roof and throws him out of their bedroom. Yuichiro does not tell her about Ryo's problem and allows Sakura to misunderstand him.

Ryo finally gets up enough courage to tell his teacher how he feels. He goes to the night club to move his teacher with his 'guts' but ends up getting beaten up...



















Sixth Try :Azusa

Azusa has not conquered her adversion to men and constantly reminds Tsutomu that he is the product of in-vitro fertilization. However, one day Azusa's ex-boyfriend and the father of her child shows up, throwing her life into turmoil. She becomes unnaturally fierce to Tsutomu and tries to force him to behave like an adult.

Yuichiro accidentally finds out about Azusa's 'boyfriend', who is a dentist, and goes to see him, in the hope of finding out how he feels about Azusa. Yuichiro tells Azusa that the dentist really wants to see her again but Azusa refuses to go. Their conversation is overheard by Kaede who once again spills the beans to the whole family.

Azusa finally agrees to go see her ex, for her sake as well as Tsutomu's. Yuichiro goes along to give her moral support. Just as Azusa is about to call out to her ex, she sees that he is not alone...

Seventh Try :An affair

Satsuki's radio program is now extremely popular since Yuichiro became a regular guest on the show. However, rumours of her affair with Murase, her program's sponsor, are flying around and to cover his tracks, Murase decides to remove Satsuki from the producer's spot for the program.

Mr Arai finds out about Satsuki's affair when an irate Mrs Murase calls up to scold Satsuki. He hits the roof and threatens to disown her. When Yuichiro tries to stick up for her, Mr Arai tells him that he, with his frivolous job, has no business trying to lecture him. Yuichiro is deeply hurt by the remarks.

Murase and the radio station boss decide that they will change the radio show into a gossip fest on Yuichiro's true personality. They call Yuichiro and Hako san in to discuss the new program, and Yuichiro is furious at their treatment of Satsuki. His cool veneer suddenly breaks and he lets his true feelings show and gives Murase a dressing down...












Eight Try :I'm Sakuraba Yuichiro's Wife!

Sakura is feeling a little depressed and alone as the strain of keeping her marriage secret from her friends takes its toll. The fact that Yuichiro is so busy working he has no time for her doesn't help matters. He has just released a new photobook and is also busy with the filming of his first movie.

Kaede barges into Yuichiro's handshaking event and demands that he sign two photobooks for her. Put on the spot, Hako and Yuichiro hurriedly get the books signed, amid protests from the other fans waiting patiently for their turn.

Sakura is even more upset when she realises that Yuichiro has forgotten all about her mother's death anniversary. She goes to the graveyard alone. Kaede goes to Yuichiro's workplace and gives him a piece of her mind for neglecting Sakura.

At the graveyard, Sakura pours out her woes to her mother's grave, and decides that just once, she needed to say out loud that she is married to Sakuraba Yuichiro. She shouts out that she's Sakuraba Yuichiro's wife and that the only one she loves in the world is Yuu-chan.

Suddenly, she hears an answering shout and Yuichiro appears. They have a teary make-up.

Yuichiro has started to let his guard down, and unbeknownst to him, he is being watched...










Ninth Try :Atami Holiday

It is the annual Arai family holiday and this time, Yuichiro insists that he come along as well, despite the fact that the whole holiday also has to be kept secret. They decide that the safest place is among family, and despite Kaede's protests, they decide to go to her husband's hot pring resort in Atami. Hako also comes along to keep an eye on Yuichiro.

The Arai family is also celebrating Mr Arai's birthday. They have a small party and everyone is happily celebrating, until Kaede and Satsuki start quarreling. In the ensuing argument, the borthday cake for Mr Arai is smashed, and Satsuki inadvertently brings up Sakura's burn scar and their eldest brother.

Yuichiro asks Mr Arai about the real reason behind Sakura's scars. He tells Mr Arai that Sakura has always believed that it is her fault her brother left. Mr Arai refuses to talk about it, and leaves the room. Kaede asks Yuichiro to go and talk to him, man to man as there are some things a daughter can't help with.

Mr Arai finally tells Yuichiro what really happened and why he cannot forgive his son. Sakura and her sisters eavesdrop and they all have a teary reconciliation in the end.

In the meantime, the suspicious cameraman who has been following Yuichiro turns out to be Arai Masaki. He obtains a copy of the Arai family documents and finds out that Yuichiro and Sakura are married. He secretely takes photographs of Yuichiro leaving the Arai home and sells them to a tabloid...












Tenth Try :Scandal breaks

All hell breaks loose as Yuichiro and Sakura's marriage is exposed. As everything about them has also been published, the Arai household is thrown into turmoil. Unable to go to work or school as a result of the paparrazzi camped outside their door, they are prisoners in their own home. They are shocked to find out the photographer is Masaki.

Yuichiro moves into a hotel to avoid causing more trouble to the Arais and also to avoid the media. All his work -CMs, interviews etc have been put on hold, and many companies are threatening to cancel his contracts. The most worrying is the film. If it were to fall through, Office Guts would be finished. They decide to hold a press conference to admit the marriage but continue to maintain the cool Sakuraba image.

Yuichiro meets Masaki and asks him why he would do something like that to his own family. Masaki callously says for money. Just then, Yuichiro receives a call from Sakura telling him that Tsutomu is seriously ill and has been warded in hospital. Masaki overhears and the next day, it is all over the papers that Tsutomu is seriously ill and may die.

The day of the press conference dawns but Yuichiro is nowhere to be found. Burning with anger over the injustice done to poor Tsutomu, he rushes to the publishing house to confront Masaki. He punches Masaki, and is eventually arrested by the police...











Eleventh Try :The end of Sakuraba?

Yuichiro is released on bail. His career looks like it is over. All his work has been cancelled and the movie deal has been retracted. No one will work with an artist who turns violent. Yuichiro totally loses faith in himself and simply sits in his hotel room, staring into space. He refuses to answer Sakura's calls.

Kaede and Ryo try to find out Masaki's address so they can talk to him, but the publisher will not give out his address. Tsutomu is still seriously ill in hospital, but everyone keeps what happened from Azusa, who is oblivious to the fatc that Tsutomu was in the papers.

Hako and Takuro decide that Yuichiro should take a break from all his entertainment activities. Hako tries to get Yuichiro to buck up and tells him he won't let Yuichiro retire like this.

Azusa finally finds out about the newspaper article and blows her top. She starts balming Sakura and Yuichiro for everything, and bursts ito tears.

Seeing all the unhappiness they have caused, Sakura makes a big decision. Kaede goes to Yuichiro's hotel room, and drives him to the gymnasium, where Sakura is waiting...










Last Try :All together again

Sakura and Yuichiro decide to get a divorce and he moves out of the Arai home.

One month later, Yuichiro is on the verge of relaunching his career. He has chosen Sakuraba Yuichiro over Arai Yuichiro. Takuro suggests that they hold a 'live' show to relaunch Yuichiro's career.The venue will be at the Astro Hall, where Yuichiro first made his debut. They are unsure if any fans will come at all.

Hako asks Satsuki if her radio station would broadcast the performance for them live to the rest of Japan. Satsuki agrees.

In the meantime, Kaede makes up with Taichi (her husband) when he comes over to give moral support in their time of difficulty. It turns out that Kaede left Taichi because he had been fooling around with another woman. Ryo, much to both their surprise, knew all about it, and tells them to forgive and forget.

Tsutomu has his transplant after an anonymous donor is found. He is on the road to recovery. Azusa receives a parcel from Yuichiro which contains a letter telling her she and Tsutomu are always in his thoughts even though he can't physically be there. She is touched by his gesture.

The mysterious donor turns out to be Masaki. Mr Arai and Sakura meet him at the hospital and they have a talk. Masaki reveals that it was Yuichiro who bugged him day and night to go for a check up. He tells Mr Arai that he was sorry for the things he said to his mother, and that he had gone to her funeral. Mr Arai forgives him and tells him to at least come home for his mother's death anniversary once a year. Masaki agrees.

Yuichiro holds his live concert but there is only a small handful of fans. He picks up his guitar but suddenly says he can't sing. He decides to take a gamble and tell everyone his true feelings throughout this whole incident. He tells the fans that he knows no matter who he chooses to be he will hurt people. He reveals his love not only for Sakura, but also for the whole Arai family, and his dream of having a real family. He breaks down and apologises to the fans for not being honest with them.

As he gives a deep bow, the doors swing open and hundreds of fans start rushing in. Everyone is touched by Yuichiro's confessions and they all support him again. They chant his name and call for him to sing. Listening by the radio, Sakura is in tears. Mr Arai and Kaede also take up the chant.^_^

Later, after the successful relaunch concert, Yuichiro stands alone on the stage in his sweatpants looking out. Suddenly the lights turn on. When his eyes adjust, he sees the whole Arai family, with Sakura in the middle, standing in front of him.

He asks Sakura to marry him again, and they are finally together without any secrets between them. Yuichiro moves back into the Arai household and continues to be both Yuu-chan and Sakuraba Yuichiro.^_^





















End of Mukodono Summary