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Everything you ever wanted to know about Sakuraba Yuichiro.
Name: Sakuraba Yuichiro
Date of Birth: 1977.11.13
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Height: 185 cm
B.W.H 93 cm, 79 cm, 96 cm
Favourite Audio Item: Bang & Olufsen Beo Sound 9000
Favourite CD: Buena Vista Social Club
Favourite flower: Red roses
Favourite food: Hot Dog
Favourite guitar: Gibson (the guitar that started his career in music)
Favourite movie: A 1961 French film by director, Alain Rene. "Last year in Marianbarto"
Favourite pencil: Yuichiro only uses Mitsubishi Master Writing HB pencils to write his songs. No pens.
Favourite place: Langkawi Island, Malaysia
Favourite underwear: Black Calvin Klein COTTON STRETCH

















Sakuraba Yuichiro lost both his parents at a young age, and lived a lonely orphaned life. His first meeting with the guitar was when he was 10 years old, and from that time on, his talent for music and the guitar was discovered. In 1998, he released his debut single, HERE I AM. His career progressed beyond music to encompass CMs and dramas, garnering great success in these areas as well. He has, to date, affirmed his name in the record books of music.

His cool, aloof image, and magnetic charisma have made him hugely popular with the young, female Japanese crowd. He recently was voted 'The Man you most want to hug' in a magazine poll.

Yuichiro is managed by Hakozaki Otohiko, and is under the management company, Office Guts, run by his friend and mentor, Komine Takuro.