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Sakuraba Yuichiro has released 8 singles and 2 albums since his debut in 1998, all of which have had phenomenal success in Japan.

Release Date: 1998/6/28

Sold: 130 million copies

It all began with this first legendary, memorable mega single debut.

Release Date: 1998/11/15

Sold: 75 million copies

Yuichiro's second single, To the end of the sky. The sheer musical quality of this album made lots of heads in the industry sit up and take notice of this new star.

Release Date: 1999/8/25

Sold: 220 million copies

The long awaited third single that was the ending theme for Yuichiro's first drama debut, SECRET.

Release Date: 1999/11/22

Sold: 233 million copies

Arguably the definitive single for Yuichiro. Blue Moon was the opening theme of Yuichiro's second drama, C.Moon.

Release Date: 2000/1/1

Sold: 140 million copies

Released for the millenium year, this is yet another single of note.

Release Date: 2000/4/28

Sold: 180 million copies

The main theme song of the drama, Truth and Lies. This drama eclipsed records and even changed the view of society.

Release Date: 2000/11/12

Sold: 270 million copies

An all-new sound from Sakuraba Yuichiro, this single was also picked up by New York musicians.

Release Date: 2001/4/12

Sold: Selling well since debut.

Debuting at No.1 on the music charts, this is the most successful, and high quality single in Yuichiro's career so far.









































Release Date: 1999/4/22

Sold: 160 million copies

The album that made an impact on the music scene. This is where it all began for Yuichiro.

The Song Line-Up:

Release Date: 2000/3/24

Sold: 520 million copies

This album's amazing sales record firmly established and confirmed Yuichiro's name in the record books.

The Song Line-Up: