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Welcome to my LINKS page. Here are pages that are a lot more comprehensive than mine and you will probably find almost everything you are looking for.:)


The J!ENT Dorama database - has virtually every single j-drama known to man! CHECK IT OUT!

Shuji's DramaLand II - Lots of English synopsis of many dramas, and lots more links! Very good Site!

CJ Morikai's Japanese Dorama Page - CJ's got lots of synopsis for shows like majo no Joken and more!

Japanese Drama on US TV - Giampeiro's site, with lots of info for those in the US, plus lots of synopsis!


Bonsai's JPOP Pages and JPOP search Engine - another comprehensive site! CHECK IT OUT!!

JPOP Direct Download - a site where you can download the latest MP3s.

Riechan's Music Headquarters - has a lot of MP3 for download but mostly all in Japanese

Oshima's MP3 Page - has a lot of MP3 for download


Smap Links:

All members Sites:

Sherrie's SMAP page-has everything! also a very good Takuya site!

Hyojung's new SMAP world-great icons

SMAPbox-CMs, pics and lots more

Goromi's SMAP and J-pop site

SMAP Wonderland-pics, wallpaper...skins!

SMAPlove-singaporean smappers unite! lots of stuff!

SMAPnet-mailing list, SMAPchat, webring HQ....

Taku-chan's SMAPpyV6-cool Takuya ICQ skin among other cool stuff!


Viva SMAP!-new site!

Ryoko's SMAP world

Eva's SMAP funny show-a new site! Really original format!

Strawberry's Nakai forever and ever page-great Tsuyoshi pics though...:)

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi sites:

Samurai Boy's Tsuyoshi Site

Bits and Pieces of Tsuyoshi - a very very good site on Tsuyopon!

Takuya Kimura Sites:

Cho Kakkoii Kimura Takuya-Jan's page! Lots of cool stuff!

Sugoi Kimura Takuya-haven't been here in a while but it's a good site!

Takuya Kimura homepage-in chinese

Kimura Takuya no What's Up SMAP-Ming May's homepage..very very good!

Kimura Takuya deshita PEACE!-another really good Takuya site!

Kimura Takuya "zhen cang"-in chinese, but lots of pics!

Virt's Takuya Page-takuya postcards, e-mail addy, pics.....good site!

Other Johnny's group Links:

Tokio News on the Web - a very good english site (one of the few out there)!

The Tokio Project - has a lot of links to other TOKIO sites

Johnny's Entertainment Unofficial Homepage - has a lot of info on all Johnny's groups, also a lot of videos for sale.

KinkiGirl's Homepage - has a lot of info on Johnny's groups, videos for sale, and lots of midis.


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